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Dental Bridge

Choose the Right Dental Bridge

Bridge work for your teeth maybe complex and time-consuming. Like implants, a bridge is supported by neighboring teeth and improves one's ability to chew, retain tooth strength in the region of the mouth, and retain shape to your face.

Various Dental Bridges We Offer

  • Cantilever bridges help replace a tooth that lacks supporting teeth in close range
  • Maryland bonded bridges hold teeth up with a metal frame
  • Traditional bridges, bridge a gap of an empty tooth by placing a false tooth using crowns on adjacent teeth

Long-Lasting Dental Bridge Work

Trust us to handle all your cantilever or traditional dental bridge requirements. Learn more about how your bridge work will help you. 
  • Improvement in chewing 
  • Improvement in speech
  • Saves the health of supporting teeth
  • Reconditions the shape of your jaw and face
Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION before you receive the dental bridge work!

Learn More About the Dental Bridge Procedure

Opting for bridge work at Fairfield Family Dentistry is sure to help you immensely. However, we want to embrace your decision and guide you through it.
The procedure takes a few visits with an intake, impression, and casting a mold for temporary to permanent fitting. Dental bridges can last for a decade to about 15 years. Maintaining good oral hygiene increases the lifespan.
For more details about dental bridges, 
call 513-829-8822!
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